The Executive Director is a leader with exceptional teamwork skills responsible for the financial stability and growth of the orchestra; for the internal nurturing and growth of the orchestra community of students, parents, and coaches; and for strengthening the perception of LAYO in the outside community as one of the leading youth orchestras in the United States. The Executive Director works in partnership with the Artistic Director and the LAYO Board, but reports and is under the supervision of the Artistic Director and the President of the Board.


Experience in arts management and proven track record in development, fundraising, and grant writing; strong financial administration skills; an outgoing positive personality with exceptional people skills. Above all, the job requires someone who does not require direction, but is an initiator, someone effective at strategizing goals, creating specific task lists, engaging cooperation with staff, donors, students, and parents, and competent to follow through and ensure that tasks are accomplished and goals are achieved. We want to emphasize that our Executive Director must have exceptional people skills and be comfortable, able, and willing to establish rapport both with the internal community—the entire orchestra community of students, parents, coaches, and staff—and the outside community of donors, foundations, corporations, media, venues and other businesses, private teachers, and other arts organizations. Qualified candidates should have Bachelors or Masters Degree, and at least 3-5 years experience in development and arts management. Classical music knowledge is preferred but not required.


  1. Leadership and Community Building
    Internally—Be an approachable leader, a clear communicator, friendly face, center for information, and helping partner who is readily available for the students, parents, and staff of the orchestra. Attend all orchestra rehearsals and be familiar with parents and students to help communicate their concerns and needs to the Artistic Director and coaches. Be available to staff, students, and parents by phone and email throughout the week. Work with the Artistic Director to refine orchestra policies and make sure they are communicated clearly to students, parents, and staff.

    Externally—Strategic artistic planning with the Artistic Director to further the orchestra’s vision and mission. Create and manage exciting collaborations and special events for the orchestra, including tours, salons, benefit events, concerts with other ensembles and musicians, and community performances.  As a leader and collaborator with the Board and parents, reach out to the community to raise awareness and excitement for the orchestra. Attend appropriate outside events, meetings, conferences, and seminars as the orchestra’s representative.

  2. Development
    Create and implement a development strategy that cultivates a new group of significant private donors and builds corporate sponsorships and grants. Develop relationships with major donors through phone calls and face to face meetings on a regular basis to let them know we care and keep them aware how their support is helping the orchestra. Organize and continue the orchestra’s annual fundraising events: an annual benefit concert, the many music salons held at private homes throughout the year, and the fall and spring mail/email fundraising appeals. Continue the success of LAYO’s grant writing to the many organizations that we apply to each year; research new grant possibilities, submit letters of inquiry, and follow through completing applications and submissions. Assist the Board committees to develop and implement fundraising goals. While the Executive Director will have the help of the Board in these activities, it will be the Executive Director’s responsibility ultimately to accomplish these tasks, including creating and maintaining relationships with the donors and sponsors.
  3. Financial Administration
    Work with the Artistic Director and Program Director to strategize and create an effective annual budget; maintain financial records; collect and manage student contracts, audition and tuition payments, and special payments (tours, special events, etc.); manage ticket sales; handle venue contracts for concerts and rehearsals, insurance contracts, and all other orchestra bills. Check the LAYO mailbox regularly and respond to all communications in a timely manner. Work with Artistic Director and Program Director to create coach contracts, and with the Program Director to manage coach hours and payments. Work with the accountant to facilitate all orchestra finances, including monthly budget reports to insure financial goals are on track. Attend board meetings and prepare financial and organization reports for these meetings. Learn and maintain the orchestra’s database files (in FileMaker application) for donors, members, audience, and outside community vendors and services.
  4. Marketing and Publicity
    Communicate the work and artistic mission of the organization to the public through the media and at public speaking engagements, as needed, in a manner that enhances LAYO’s reputation and standing in the community, both regionally and nationally. Create press releases for concerts and other significant orchestra events. Engage radio, print, and online media sources to spread awareness of LAYO. Maintain and expand the music schools and local businesses that take out program ads at the concerts. Engage the support of local businesses to sponsor concerts.