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Are You Using Gravity Forms? If So, You Need To Update

If you or your organization is using Gravity Forms, from RocketGenius, Inc. then you need to update to the latest version ASAP. The most recent version is 1.9.9 and the need to update comes after security provider, Sucuri, uncovered security issues and vulnerabilities in multiple older versions of the plugin, which have resulted in thousands […]

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Let’s Put An End To The #SustainabilityMyth

There are plenty of reasons to love Vu Le’s Nonprofit with Balls blog and one of the most compelling is his ability to speak the pain truth and help adjust perspective away from the cascade of chatter that floods our field; so much so, it ends up hijacking strategic thinking. Case in point, in Le’s […]

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250 Votes In 32 Days

Mission Main Street Grants® is a grant program by Chase to award twenty (20) small businesses with grants of $100,000 and in an unusual twist for our field, the program is open to for-profit businesses only. As such, I’ve submitted an application for The Venture Platform and I need your help to reach the program’s […]

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Loads Of New Openings!

Simply put, interns are fantastic! And thanks to some intern powered efforts, there are a slew of new openings posted at Adaptistration Jobs. In addition to the additional listings, we have a few extra surprises up our sleeve: Take a moment to see what’s new and know that we’re going to be releasing a string […]

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A Stark Reminder About The Importance Of Transparency And Ethics

The 5/12/2015 edition of BlouinARTINFO Blogs published an article by Larry Blumenfeld that examines (h/t Thomas Cott) a recent instance of nonprofit governance abuse for personal gain. The details are worth your time but one overarching item in particular that stands out in sea of conflict of interest driven misconduct Blumenfeld chronicles was a decision […]

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When You Put It Like That…

It never ceases to amaze just how much one can miss at any given concert event; especially when it comes to the perspective of concert-goers that haven’t grown up with musical training or steeped in the nuances of classical music culture. To that end, Chattanooga Symphony concertmaster and Neo Classical author, Holly Mulcahy, decided to […]

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What Structured Data Is And Why Marketing Pros Should Care

I published an article today at ArtsHacker that dives into the extraordinarily powerful, yet easy to use Data Highlighter tool Google provides and how it can do more for boosting event search results in 15 minutes than you accomplished with years of old school SEO strategies. If you’re still hung up on fine tuning every […]

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