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More On Orchestra Video Ads

Neo Classical author Holly Mulcahy authored a guest post at Norman Lebrecht’s Slipped Disc entitled Can You Sell An Orchestra On TV? Don Draper Can. that uses a recent TV spot from the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) as a jumping off point for conversation. Mulcahy approaches the perspective by shifting the focus more toward […]

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The Met Has A Tentative Deal, What Happens Next?

Although it took all parties working through the night, it appears that the Metropolitan Opera (Met) and two of its three largest unions, American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) and American Federation of Musicians (AFM), managed to reach a tentative four year agreement around 6:15am ET on 8/18/14. Although details have yet to emerge, internal […]

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Musician Videos As Outreach

Just a quick pointer today; I’ve taken then weekend off and although I’m keeping my ear to the ground for Met news, don’t expect anything here until Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, check out the 8/15/2014 edition of The Wall Street Journal which published an article by Corinne Ramey that examines an outreach effort […]

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A Quick Pointer

Just a quick pointer today over to the audio from yesterday’s WQXR podcast, Conducting Business. I posted it so late in the day that a number of readers apparently missed it but fear not, it’s up and running inside yesterday’s post plus you can go right to the source at the WQXR website. In addition […]

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Talking Met On WQXR

Update: the segment is now live! I had the pleasure of taking part in a panel discussion for WQXR’s bi-weekly podcast Conducting Business, hosted by Naomi Lewin, to talk about the Metropolitan Opera’s ongoing labor negotiations. My fellow panelists included: James Jorden, editor of the opera blog Parterre Box and a contributor to the New York Observer. Lois S. Gray, a Professor […]

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Urban Chic

Did You Know Bandwidth Is Expensive?

There’s no greater compliment than a steadily increasing readership and to that end, there doesn’t seem to be any ceiling to my needing to thank each and every reader for finding Adaptistration worth visiting, sharing, and discussing on such a regular basis. In fact, traffic is so good it’s having a tangible impact on monthly […]

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Gaze Into Thomas Cott’s Crystal Ball

Thomas Cott, the man behind the curtain at You’ve Cott Mail, went all out last week and published a terrific five part series containing excerpts from his opening keynote address, “What’s Next: The Future of Nonprofit Marketing,” he gave at the American Marketing Association’s recent Nonprofit Marketing Conference. There’s a good bit of insight worth […]

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Risk, Return, And Responsibility: An Opera In One Unnatural Act

The 8/6/2014 edition of New York Times published an article by Anthony Tommasini titled “Let’s Talk About Risk at the Metropolitan Opera” and from a perspective limited purely to the confines of traditional music criticism, it’s a pretty good article. Regrettably, that’s one of the least useful perspectives to evaluate risk as it applies to […]

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