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The Moment You Realized You Weren’t Going To Win A Job

What a treat to talk shop with Andrew Hitz from The Entrepreneurial Musician podcast. We managed to cover a great deal of ground thanks to the luxury of time Hitz dedicates to each production; working with professionals who care enough about production values and have genuine hosting skills to never gets old. One unique component of […]

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The Latest Example Demonstrating Why You Need An Effective Government Affairs Committee

The New Haven Independent published an article by Paul Bass on 4/20/2016 which reports that the New Haven Symphony (NHS) may lose its primary venue, Yale University’s Woolsey Hall, where the orchestra has performed for 114 years (not a typo). According to the article, the NHS is being used as a pawn in a larger […]

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Orchestra Musician Compensation Resources For Audition Candidates

Yesterday’s post on improving the audition process generated a good round of discussion but one comment in particular about the lack of pay information provided in audition announcements among smaller and mid-size budget orchestras stood out. Great list of suggestions! There’s just one other thing from Vu Le’s list that I’d love to see given […]

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Improving The Musician Audition Process

Before we dive too far into this rabbit hole of a topic, we should confirm that the apply-audition-award method that is the typical professional US orchestra process is perhaps best described as the “best bad option available.” This isn’t a post about reinventing the wheel, rather, it’s about looking under a few rocks to shed […]

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Talking Metrics With Tomorrow’s Managers (and you get to join the fun)

I had the pleasure of serving as a guest lecturer for Columbia College Chicago’s Marketing Technology students. Providing not only an introduction to Google Analytics, but building the critical connections needed to understand how it functions in a larger digital marketing plan is something you don’t have to me twice to talk about. Instead of traditional presentation slides, I developed […]

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