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Can of Worms

Can. Of. Worms. (in a good way)

Yesterday’s post about entrepreneurship courses running the risk of becoming the Second Great Lie Of Academia generated a considerable amount of interest. I can’t recall the last time so many readers from such a diverse cross section took the time to reach out directly via email and private social media messages. Long story short, there’s […]

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The Second Great Lie Of Academia

At the beginning of April, we conducted a poll asking readers what they thought about the numbers of students graduating with music performance degrees. With more than 500 responses, the vast majority of readers, 73 percent, indicated that conservatories and schools of music produce too many classical music performance graduates. 18 percent indicated the numbers […]

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Hey Foundations: Here’s A Great Idea For Your Next Project

In the summer of 2015, the rural Swiss village of Graubunden launched a unique marketing campaign designed to pull more tourist traffic from cities to their mountain village (h/t Samantha Teter). Remarkably straightforward, it leveraged real-time streaming technology and the value of one-to-one connections over traditional passive advertisements. It features a digital kiosk with a local […]

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Project Fi

If Providing Company Cell Phones Has Been Too Expensive, Take A Look At Google’s Project Fi

A few weeks ago, we conducted a poll asking arts managers and artists if their employer provided a company cell phone/plan. Just over 200 readers replied with an 80/20 split between managers and artists and perhaps unsurprisingly, the poll confirmed that the vast majority do not receive a company cell phone. But there’s more to […]

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Lessons From The Give Local America Day Kimbia SNAFU Are A Work In Progress

In the wake of events following the Give Local America Day calamity that saw the entire program grind to a halt at mid-day and leave thousands of donors and nonprofits stranded, there is no shortage of commentary. Details surrounding why the web based payment platform collapsed are scant and the online fundraising and crowdfunding platform […]

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