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Take A Friend To The Orchestra Gets A Facelift

The official resource site for the Take A Friend To The Orchestra initiative received an update that ushers in a brand new landing page, enhanced media players for audio contributions, updated typography, and more. Going through all of the content instilled a renewed appreciation for just how much all of the volunteer contributors put into […]

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Thinking Responsively Part 2

Picking up where we left off in Part 1, we’re going to walk through the steps you can use to begin “thinking responsively” about your organization’s website. To that end, let’s start off on the right foot and acknowledge that the vast majority of performing arts based websites are designed using the old school static […]

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Morikami Sketch

Thinking Responsively Part 1

Responsive design has been a boon for arts organizations and what was once a nearly unknown term three years ago is increasingly common; so common in fact, that the development field is beginning to distort what responsive design is all about. Case in point, one of Venture’s users, Rachel Carneglia at Morikami Museum and Japanese […]

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The Met Is Getting A Second Opinion

A coloratura goes to a psychiatrist complaining about mental stress from a string of bad reviews. The doctor says, “You’re crazy.” The coloratura says, “I want a second opinion” so the doctor tells her “Okay, you really should have been a lyric soprano!” Speaking of second opinions, the Metropolitan Opera’s (Met) mediation has produced an […]

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The Adjective That Must Not Be Named

There must be something in the water but regardless the reason it is tough not to miss the sharp uptick in the number of orchestra press releases coming in using the adjective that shall not be named…the b-word…beloved. If there’s a better example of old school “greatest-art” era promotional jargon that needs to go, I […]

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Adaptistration Guy Out The Door

Today Is the Last Day Of The Met As You Know It

It is deadline day for the Metropolitan Opera (Met) and if the organization and its union employees fail to reach an accord by midnight, it is expected that the employer will initiate a lock out. Over the past few days, union employees have been removing personal equipment and any other personal belongings they don’t want […]

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Dear God, Another Calamity!

Not really, that’s just a headline to suck you in (although my apologies to any group coincidentally experiencing a calamity today) and that’s exactly what happened last week when I published the exact same article on 7/23 and 7/24 albeit different headlines. The article on 7/23 featured a very descriptive headline with a constructive slant, […]

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Tell Me What You Know! Live Chat Patron Support

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague yesterday asking what I knew about live chat services to field patron inquires as an addition to email, phone, or social media offerings. From a technical perspective, it has never been easier to implement a solution, like, via your website but it is still rare to […]

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