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Some Good News For Indianapolis

According to an article in the 12/6/2014 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal by Lou Harry, it looks like things are looking better for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) since their bout of labor problems and prolonged executive dysfunction. The article reports that the orchestra’s recent marketing investment in their holiday pops program, “Yuletide Celebration,” […]

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Introducing ArtsHacker Is Live!

Today marks the launch of, a site dedicated to providing practical tips, tricks, and pointers for getting things done as an arts manager. It has been a real treat putting the site together and a genuine honor to work with all of the terrific contributors. As of now, we have an introductory article and […]

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Drawn Together

Joe Patti published an intriguing article on 12/1/2014 about some similarities between being a professional in the performing arts field and the computer gaming industry. Certainly, the parallels between both career tracks is fascinating but it is spiked with rivulets of irony. Specifically, even though both fields suffer similar ills, this common ground doesn’t seem […]

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Keeping An Eye On The Barbarians At The Gate

We talk a lot about password security here and why it is important to use strong passwords and how to update and manage them, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. To that end, check out this log report designed to record attempted login hack attempts: This report includes more than 3000 records detailing […]

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Only a Few More Days!

We’re right on track for launching, we have all of the author profiles in place and several articles loaded into the system are on deck. I’ve gone over each one and can say with all confidence that the most difficult decision is determining the publication order, but that is good problem to have. You […]

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What’s Going On In Dallas?

I’ve been out of the country for the last few days and therefore didn’t get a chance to read Michael Granberry’s article in the 11/29/2014 edition of the Dallas Morning News about the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) musicians expressing considerable concern over what is perhaps best characterized as a hostile work environment thanks to music […]

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Instruments On Airlines: Fighting Crazy With Crazy

If you’re a musician with a story about being hassled by airline employees for bringing your instrument on the plane or an arts manager dealing with the endless pain in the neck that is making travel arrangements for instrumentalists, Chattanooga Symphony & Opera concertmaster Holly Mulcahy may have a new trick to help bypass the […]

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Time To Binge Read ‘Who’s Minding The Score?’

It has been 21 months since Paul Dixon inked the final entry in his weekly cartoon Who’s Minding The Score?, which chronicles the behind the scenes governance of the fictional Ft. Fitzer Philharmonic (FFP). Although it may come across as using absurdist humor to parody the complex issues related to contemporary orchestra governance, anyone with […]

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