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Solving Problems, One App At A Time

One of the really fun parts about working as an arts-focused software developer is coming across opportunities to solve big problems. To that end, we’re wrapping up work on a new web app designed to solve one of the most time consuming and frustrating problems: resource scheduling. One of our existing users, The Society Of […]

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As National Political Conventions Convene, Could The Culture Cold War Turn Hot?

The Culture Wars from the latter decades of the 20th century managed to produce an ugly scar across the public arts funding landscape and although public debate tempered, the struggle was far from over. But unlike the very public debate that raged across national media during the 1980s and 1990s, recent battle grounds have emerged […]

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Is It Possible To Manage A Large Budget Orchestra Using Mostly Consultants?

It certainly isn’t unheard of for larger budget orchestras to hire consultants for everything from temporarily filling staff holes to serving as the architect for marketing or development campaigns but relying on third party providers for the majority of admin functionality is decidedly not the norm. Nonetheless, that’s where the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is […]

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When Was The Last Time You Saw A Genuinely Impressive Video Promo?

Norman Lebrecht posted an item at yesterday poking fun at what he calls “the worst-ever orchestra promo video” and I have to agree, it’s entirely uninspiring. But Lebrecht’s post got me thinking about video promos in general and I found it difficult to think of anything that really caught my attention over the past […]

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Why Yes, You SHOULD Care About Military Bands

The 7/11/2016 edition of published an article by Sophie Lewis (h/t Joe Patti) that examines the value military bands add to the national cultural scene and why you should care that some in congress are attempting to all but eliminate funding for the entire program. Lewis’ article joins another exemplary piece of writing from […]

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Compensation Continues To Encourage Conversation

Toward the end of last week, a pair of articles triggered by this year’s Orchestra Compensation Reports emerged at two traditional media outlets: The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Houston Chronicle. Both articles approached the topic by comparing national trends to what was going on at their local orchestra. What was especially wonderful to see is […]

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The Latest Baby Step Toward Open Source 990 Data

Back in June, 2015 we examined a Federal court case that ultimately produced a ruling which got the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on board the open source data train. One year later and those efforts are beginning to yield some results. published a blog post on 6/16/2016 with details about where the IRS is […]

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