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The Orchestra Website Reviews

The Annual Orchestra Website Review examine more than 80 professional orchestras in the United States and Canada and rank them by how well they presented their concert schedule, sold tickets, facilitated making donations, provided organizational information, utilized dynamic content, and on overall content and functionality. Since the inaugural series in 2004, the reviews have become a one-of-a-kind resource that serves as a benchmark for orchestra website design and best practices.

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2012 Reviews

The 2012 reviews were delayed and modified due to to Orchestra Crisis 2012/13 throwing a particularly large wrench into the works. As a result, the regular reviews were replaced by an overview of which orchestras were currently utilizing cutting edge practices associated with responsive design. Knock on wood, the 2013 reviews will be back in full force but until then, here’s a list of the related articles:

2004 Reviews

More than half of the 2004 Website Review articles were lost in a server migration during 2006. Unfortunately, no copies of the original articles have been found. Sorry!